Last Week in AI #5

Eduardo Cerna, July 22, 2019

AI and VR to teach Mandarin, removing objects from video with AI and more...

AI and VR to Teach Mandarin

Snippet: Equipped with AI and VR capabilities, a classroom for students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York offers them the ability to interact with their 360-degree virtual environment in order to learn Mandarin, obtaining real-time feedback on their tone and pronunciation. If the concept is successful, it will serve as a model for future applications.

Read more at: MIT Tech Review

Considering AI in your company?


Video Object-Removal Software Now Available to Everyone

The system which allows removing objects from video is now open-source. It works by drawing a box around the subject which you want to remove and it’ll automatically fill in the missing space using a technique dubbed “inpainting”. You can check out some examples in the link attached.

Read more at: Synced Review

Deep-learning Algorithm Teaches Itself to Solve Rubik’s Cube

For the first time, a deep-learning algorithm dubbed DeepCubeA was able to decipher a Rubik’s cube, which has a quintillion possible combinations but only 1 solution.

Read more at: Nature

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