Last Week in AI #48

Eduardo Cerna, May 18, 2020

AI chatbots gaining traction amid the pandemic, AI Eurovision contest has a winner and more...

Pandemic Increases AI Chatbot Adoption

With millions of workers being furloughed due to the pandemic, and an ever increasing volume of calls for assistance and guidance, call centers are being forced to enlist some help from AI. Organizations ranging from the city of Austin, Texas to the Czech Ministry of Health have deployed Watson-powered solutions and furloughed workers worry they may not have jobs to come back to once things return to normal.

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Considering AI in your company?


Enrich Your Vocabulary with AI-Generated Words is re-writing the dictionary with the help of AI. Using the popular GPT2 system for language generation, the page returns a novel word with its corresponding definition and the results are surprisingly plausible. Simply refresh the page and impress your friends with sophisticated computer-generated babble.

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Australia Wins AI ‘Eurovision Song Contest’

As the current pandemic forced the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision song contest, Dutch broadcaster VPRO’s idea of having an AI version of the competition gained traction. Participants from 13 different countries submitted AI-generated melodies and lyrics for the public to vote on. The Australian team, Uncanny Valley, took home the prize.

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