Last Week in AI #43

Eduardo Cerna, April 13, 2020

AI to gain insights into our changing oceans, Google fixes voice glitches in video calls with AI and more

AI is Helping Scientists Understand an Ocean’s Worth of Data - The New York Times

Headline: AI to Understand Our Oceans

Snippet: Artificial Intelligence has already proven its worth in tracking ocean whales through their distinctive songs. Now scientists are increasingly turning to ML techniques to gather information about our changing oceans, from analyzing how much carbon dioxide oceans absorb to tracking the giant larvacean - sea creatures the size of pinkie fingers that filter the ocean faster than any other zooplankton.

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AI for Safer Medicine Prescriptions

Researchers at Google Health and the University of California San Francisco have partnered to build an automated ML model to prevent mistakes in medicine prescriptions that can send people to the hospital. The model works in a similar fashion as ML-powered fraud detection tools that signal suspicious fraudulent activity.

Read more at: TechCrunch

Google Uses AI to Autocomplete Your Video Calls

Google claims that its Duo web calling app faces problems with 99% of the calls, where bits of sound are lost or arrive late. To fix this, Google built a neural network that learns from the speaker to generate audio snippets that match both the style and content of what the speaker is saying.

Read more at: MIT Tech Review

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