Last Week in AI #42

Eduardo Cerna, April 6, 2020

Study finds racial bias in voice recognition, researchers turn brain activity into text and more...

AI to Transform Brain Activity into Text

Scientists have developed an AI system that is able to transform brain activity into text. The system was developed by feeding it brain activity from participants who read various sentences out loud and converted each spoken word into a string of numbers. While the first time the system was tested it produced nonsense sentences, it was able to learn over time and output better results.

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Siri and Alexa Understand You Better if You’re White

Racial biases in artificial intelligence have been the center of various reports over the years. The latest example of this is a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2% of audio snippets from white people were considered unreadable by the systems, compared to 20% of audio from black people.

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AI to Decode the Facial Expressions of Mice

Mice move their ears, cheeks and eyes to convey emotion. Researchers used machine learning to decipher facial expressions and hope that their work could have implications for doing the same in the human brain.

Read more at: Nature

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