Last Week in AI #40

Eduardo Cerna, March 23, 2020

AI has your back when it comes to videoconferencing snacking, 24k coronavirus papers made public and more...

AI to Muffle Your Snacking in Videoconferencing

As more and more people around the globe are forced to use tools that allow them to work remotely, Microsoft’s Teams software has released a new feature for improved videoconferencing. The feature uses AI to identify your voice and block any unwanted background noise such as dogs barking or police sirens. Now you can munch on your favorite snack without being heard!

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Considering AI in your company?


24,000 Coronavirus Research Papers Now Public

Over 24,000 research papers from peer-reviewed journals have been made available to the public and will continue to update in real-time. The Allen Institute for AI has converted them from web pages and PDFs into a structured format that can be processed for algorithms.

Read more at: MIT Tech Review

Nature-Inspired AI System to Recognize Scents

A novel artificial neural network has been developed which can recognize scents by taking in electrical voltage readouts from chemical sensors in a wind tunnel that were exposed to plumes of different scents, such as methane or ammonia. Such algorithms could be used for testing air quality or to diagnose medical conditions.

Read more at: Science News

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