Last Week in AI #37

Eduardo Cerna, March 4, 2020

AI helps diagnose coronavirus, musicians generate every possible melody using AI and more...

AI to Detect Coronavirus in Patients

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, chinese hospitals have turned to AI in order to better diagnose the disease in patients. Using software tools that were originally purposed for cancer detection, they now have been retooled to look for signs of pneumonia caused by coronavirus. The software so far has been used to review more than 32,000 cases.

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AI to Streamline Air Travel

By the year 2035, estimates claim that more than 7 billion people globally are expected to travel by air. Airports, already struggling to keep up with the rising number of air travelers, have begun deploying various solutions to speed up things, such as automatic check-in kiosks that move themselves, visual sensors to monitor passenger line lengths so that managers can use the information to adjust where they need more workers.

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Musicians Generate Every Possible Melody Using AI

In order to protect musicians from getting sued due to copyright infringement, two musicians have algorithmically generated every possible MIDI melody, copyrighted it, saved it to a hard drive and uploaded it to the public domain. The algorithm works at a rate of 300,000 melodies per second. Whether this tactic actually works in court remains to be seen.

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