Last Week in AI #36

Eduardo Cerna, Feb. 24, 2020

AI helps fight depression, Elon Musk calls for AI regulation and more...

AI Discovers Powerful Antibiotic

Artificial Intelligence has been used to discover an antibiotic that is able to destroy some of the most dangerous and drug-resistant bacteria. “I think this is one of the more powerful antibiotics that has been discovered to date” said MIT researcher James Collins. To find new antibiotics, the researchers first trained a deep learning algorithm to identify the sorts of molecules that kill bacteria.

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AI to Help Pick Depression Treatments

New research recently published claims that a simple brain test together with AI insights, can help predict which kind of antidepressants while prove effective for a given patient. The patterns found by the machine learning algorithm appear to be significantly more accurate in predicting the effectiveness of antidepressants than clinical factors. Similar techniques have been used to predict autism in children.

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Elon Musk Calls for AI Regulation

Following an article published by MIT Tech Review on OpenAI, the company he co-founded and exited, Tesla’s CEO has called for AI regulation. Musk believes AI should be regulated at both the national and international level. Muska has previously stated that AI could be “our biggest existential threat”.

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