Last Week in AI #35

Eduardo Cerna, Feb. 17, 2020

EU unveils new #AI regulations, Baidu spots people not wearing face masks and more...

Algorithm Used to Predict Crime Raises Concerns

An algorithm that is being widely used across the United States, Canada and Europe raises concerns about whether it should be used at all. The so-called predictive algorithms are widely used to set police patrols, prison sentences and probation rules. In Rotterdam, the algorithm is used to screen social benefits abusers.

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Considering AI in your company?


New AI Rules to Focus on Ethics and Transparency

In a move that is meant to differentiate itself from the US and China, the EU’s new set of AI rules will focus on oversight and transparency. The EU will reveal these new guidelines on Wednesday, and is expected to announce that companies who seek to deploy their tech in the EU will have to take steps such as retraining facial recognition features using European data sets.

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AI to Spot People Not Wearing Face Masks

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, China has made it mandatory for its citizens to wear face masks so as to mitigate infection risk among the population. Chinese giant Baidu has now open sourced an AI that would help spot people not wearing face masks, which will prove useful in large crowds.

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