Last Week in AI #34

Eduardo Cerna, Feb. 10, 2020

AI to detect adversary effects in medicines, the US earmarks new AI/Quantum investment and more

AI to Prevent Drug Adverse Reactions

One of the lead causes of patient death is adverse reactions between administered drugs. In light of this, researchers developed a novel AI system that takes two different drugs as input and then makes a prediction for whether they’ll interact adversely. The system performed better than other state-of-the-art AI systems.

Read more at: MIT Tech Review

Considering AI in your company?


Facial Recognition to Help Children Victims of Sexual Abuse

Law enforcement in the USA and Canada are using ClearView AI - an app that leverages facial recognition to identify and track the names and location of children victims of sexual abuse. The company has a database of more than 3 billion images and serious concerns have been raised regarding the potential for misuse.

Read more at: The New York Times

White House to Invest Heavily in AI and Quantum Computing

Amid concerns that the United States is falling behind China in technological development, the US government has designated new funds towards the advancement of AI technologies and Quantum computing. The administration also wants to spend $25 million on what it calls a national “quantum internet,” a network of machines designed to make it much harder to intercept digital communication.

Read more at: The New York Times

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