Last Week in AI #31

Eduardo Cerna, Jan. 20, 2020

AI helps save birds in Hawaii, Microsoft battles online pedophiles and more...

AI to Save Endangered Bird Species

Researchers in Hawaii have turned to artificial intelligence in order to track endangered bird species and protect them from poachers. Placing small recorders around the island of Kauai, they used algorithms to sort through weeks of recordings and identify the distinctive songs of the birds.

Read more at: The Washington Post

Considering AI in your company?


Microsoft Creates AI Tool to Find Pedophiles Online

The tool is designed to spot patterns of communication in conversations in online chats and forums, assigning a rating for the likelihood that one of the participants is trying to lure another. The flagged conversations are then sent to a human moderator for review.

Read more at:MIT Tech Review

Dating Apps Create Fake User Profiles Using AI

In order to keep users engaged, dating apps are turning to AI to create fake profiles. The motivation behind it is to give the illusion of a more diverse dating pool for users to choose from. Critics argue that this will increase the potential for scams and stoke user distrust in online dating platforms.

Read more at: Bloomberg

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