Last Week in AI #3

Eduardo Cerna, July 1, 2019

AI Elite plans to fight climate change, novelties in landscape generation and more...

AI Can Now Generate Entire Landscapes from Scratch

Researchers from MIT and IBM have developed a system, called GANPaint Studio” which is able to generate entire scenes from scratch and the same system may also be used to help data scientists identify fake images.

Read more at: MIT News

Considering AI in your company?


Fighting Climate Change Through Machine Learning

New research from some of the top minds in the AI field outlines ways in which machine learning can be leveraged to tackle global warming. Among the suggested use cases are ways in which we can build better electricity systems or predict extreme weather events.

Read more at: The Verge

Don’t Know Data Science? No problem.

You don’t need to be a Data Science expert in order to be able to harvest its benefits anymore. Or, at least, that’s what researchers from MIT and Brown University are hoping for with their new “Virtual Data Scientist” component, which generates machine learning models to run prediction tasks in a way that’s accessible to everyone from doctors to coffee shop owners.

Read more at: MIT News

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