Last Week in AI #25

Eduardo Cerna, Dec. 9, 2019

MIT creates an #AI that understands physics, Lego turns you into a mini figure and more...

MIT Creates AI that Understands the Laws of Physics

Researchers at MIT have developed an AI system that is capable of understanding certain laws of physics intuitively. The system, dubbed ADEPT, can look at an object in a video and predict how it’s supposed to act based on what it knows of the laws of physics, or register surprise if the object disappears or moves in an unexpected way.

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Lego Will Turn You into a Minifigure Using AI

Lego’s new theme park, set to open in New York next year, will use sophisticated motion tracking and facial recognition in order to turn you into one of their iconic Lego minifigures. Using similar techniques as those of deepfake videos, Lego will copy the person’s hair color, glasses, jewelry and clothing and even facial expressions, in less than a second.

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AI to Help Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Researchers at Washington University developed a new imaging technique that can reportedly provide accurate, real-time, computer-aided diagnosis of colorectal cancer. When further developed, the technique could be used to assist doctors in real-time alongside a traditional colonoscopy to detect anomalies.

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