Last Week in AI #23

Eduardo Cerna, Nov. 25, 2019

Shakespeare's helper revealed through AI, the world's largest chip helps discover new cancer drugs and more...

AI Reveals How Much Help Shakespeare Had Writing a Play

An analysis done through a new machine learning system helped determine which parts of the play Henry VIII were likely written by John Fletcher, Shakespeare’s long-suspected collaborator. The system analyzed the writing styles of texts written by both authors, determining that Fletcher wrote about half of the play.

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Considering AI in your company?


AI Reshapes Tokyo’s Best Ramen Rankings

Tokyo startup TDAI Lab developed a solution called Wise Review to determine which user reviews are the most trust-worthy and to leave out likely fake reviews. With the new AI-based ranking, one single ramen joint dropped 339 positions compared to the one from Google.

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World’s Largest AI Chip for Better Cancer Drugs

Drug discovery can be a monumental task as it’s estimated there are more possible molecule combinations than there are atoms in the solar system. With traditional hardware, the task is almost impossible but with a new computer made by startup Cerebras, which houses the largest chip in the world, the process can be sped up by orders of magnitude.

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