Last Week in AI #21

Eduardo Cerna, Nov. 11, 2019

OpenAI releases full GPT-2, AI helps preserve people's voices and more...

OpenAI Releases Full GPT-2 System

Once deemed “too dangerous to release”, OpenAI has now released the full version of its text-generating system after claiming they found no strong evidence of potential misuse. You can try the system’s abilities at

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Considering AI in your company?


Microsoft AI to Help Diagnose Cervical Cancer Faster

In the latest application of AI in healthcare, researchers at Microsoft and SRL Diagnostics have developed a tool that detects cervical cancer. The tool might be crucial in countries like India, where there’s a huge number of examinations to be done, allowing doctors to dismiss normal results while focusing on those flagged by the AI.

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AI to Help Preserve People’s Voices

A new center aimed at helping people who are at risk of losing their voices due to disease has been opened in the US. People are able to “bank” their voices by reading poems, speeches or short stories and then the recordings are put through an AI engine which is then able to say words the user never recorded, helping them preserve their sense of identity.

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