Last Week in AI #14

Eduardo Cerna, Sept. 23, 2019

AI to predict earthquakes, AI learns to play hide and seek and more...

AI to Predict Earthquakes

Predicting earthquakes is a task that is believed to be almost impossible by most seismologists. However, a recent paper published by the geophysicist Paul Johnson shows promise. Johnson and his team managed to successfully predict temblors in a model laboratory system and, while the results are rather positive, they admit there’s still a lot of work to be done before it can be used reliably.

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Considering AI in your company?


AI Develops Impressive Strategies for Hide-and-Seek Game

For its latest project release, OpenAI has released an AI system that can play hide-and-seek. Given rather simple instructions, the AI progressively developed complex strategies to succeed at the game, shifting from seemingly random behavior towards more strategized moves. You can watch a visualization by clicking on the link below.

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Facebook Uses AI to Help You Dress Well

Facebook developed Fashion++, a program that was trained on thousands of images of outfits that were deemed “fashionable” in order to help you pick what to wear. The program not only suggests you pick different clothes, but can also recommend you tweak your current outfit by rolling up your sleeves or tucking your shirt in.

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