Mining Data from Legal Docs

See how AI opens new revenue streams for law firms and legal tech companies alike.


Artificial intelligence is taking legal tech industry by storm. A leading legal practice and document management system provider needed to keep up on the several European markets it serves. We partnered for a long-term R&D collaboration to develop tools that will redefine legal work for the decades to come. The key topics are: contract analysis and case law research.


To speed up contract discovery, review, and due diligence, we developed multilingual machine learning models to extract structured information from legal contracts, e.g. contract parties, legal roles, names, organizations, addresses, and other data points. The system understands almost any document format, including Microsoft Word, PDFs, and scanned documents. The long-term vision is to convert any contract into a structured term sheet.

Second, we addressed the problem of tedious case law research. In a single click, Case Law Explorer shows you the importance and impact of any published court decision, its citation trends, and its relations to other decisions including citation context. The system is designed to radically cut time needed for case law research during litigations and will be made available to more than 200 law firms in Q2 2020.

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