Killing Mundane Office Work

Building a next generation, cognitive RPA tool with our Silicon Valley client.


A Silicon Valley startup approached us with a bold vision: to create a next generation RPA (robotic process automation) platform that would empower business users with a zero-coding RPA experience. Current RPA tools are extremely inflexible and require a lot of hard-coded rules to function properly.

We agreed that the future should look differently: no expensive consulting overhead, no technical team to rewrite the code every time a process changes, only a smooth, self-service automation to allow employees to focus on high-value tasks.


The key task was to use computer vision and deep learning to equip the system with cognitive abilities, so it’s completely independent on the underlying software it controls. Exclusively through analyzing the video stream from user’s screen, the system is able to recognize relevant UI elements and user actions, thus learning and automating processes in a “what you see is what you get” manner.

After a long period of fundamental research and platform development, we’re proud to have this revolutionary technology in the hands of our client’s users.

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  • Keras, Tensorflow, OpenCV
  • Django, Guacamole, PyAutoGUI, PyQT
  • Automatic provisioning of virtual machines for performing automated tasks on the background
  • AWS and GCP, Active Directory
  • Proprietary algorithms to understand user interfaces

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